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Michael Hudson Recently Completed Antiracism Training to Support Diversity And Inclusion at S3.
Michael Hudson, CEO of S3 recently completed the antiracism training sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of New York. It marks a significant milestone in the journey toward fostering an inclusive and more equitable workplace.
March 20, 2023 04:51 PM - Comment(s)
At Site Search & Select, We Are Committed To Cause Driven Development, And We Truly Appreciate Being A Part Of The ALHI Community Forest.
At Site Search & Select, we’re proud to be part of the Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) Community Forest and thank them for their commitment to growing a greener future.
February 24, 2023 10:52 AM - Comment(s)
ESG: Next steps For Site Search & Select After Completing AstraZenecas Cutting Edge Lead inSustainability Accelerator Program.
AstraZeneca is helping Site Search & Select do something truly incredible by adding environmental training, sustainability knowledge, and corporate governance to our inventory.
January 22, 2023 08:53 PM - Comment(s)
Bill Finklea Recently Visited Norway On A Mission To Discover New Meeting Destinations 
Traveling can bring outsiders together like no other event in a much-needed harmony; making sure that our treasured customers get both the safety and satisfaction they deserve.
January 16, 2023 08:57 PM - Comment(s)
Johnson & Johnson Mentorship Goes to Site Search & Select
Site Search & Select has been awarded a mentorship with Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. The goal: create a strong business plan focused on business continuity, a strong succession plan, and how to compete for business from global multinational corporations.
November 30, 2022 11:21 AM - Comment(s)
AstraZeneca Awards "Lead in Sustainability" Accelerator Program to Site Search & Select
By working with senior executives at AstraZeneca, Site Search & Select will have the opportunity to learn from those with extensive experience in creating, implementing, and measuring a business plan around Sustainability.
November 16, 2022 12:26 AM - Comment(s)
International Meetings Are Back!
Our international friends are welcoming our global events with renewed passion and excitement. While we are still cautious with all that is happening in the world, we are returning the sentiments with creativity, vigor and flexibility.
March 03, 2022 07:44 PM - Comment(s)
IBM Sponsors One-Year Mentorship Program to Site Search & Select
Today, Michael Hudson, CEO of Site Search & Select starts an exclusive one year Mentorship Program as a mentee with the IBM Global Procurement and Supplier Diversity teams. The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) developed this program and graciously coordinated our CEO's involvement.
January 11, 2022 06:12 PM - Comment(s)
Site Search & Select's New Website Meets ADA Compliance Standard
Businesses and government agencies are mandating their suppliers provide accessibility as a requirement to do business. Goodwill, building relationships in your community and increased business opportunities are all benefits of looking at the world in an accessible and more inclusive manner.
November 30, 2021 05:05 PM - Comment(s)
Merck Creates a Revolutionary, Innovative Program for Select Diverse Suppliers  
Merck designed a program with Drexel University, a prestigious private university, and Diversity Alliance for Science, a national association advocating supplier diversity and inclusion in the life sciences field. Site Search & Select was the only hospitality firm selected to participate.
November 08, 2021 09:47 AM - Comment(s)